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Inflatable Pool Floats

Here you can browse our superb range of inflatable pool floats boasting some of the best pool floaties in the UK. In addition, all our inflatable water floats are available to buy from just 1 piece, providing you meet the minimum order value of £50. Perfect for the swimming pool, these large inflatables are designed to ride on, for both children and adults. Included in our range is the ever popular pizza pool floatie and swan floatie, sure to be great fun inflatable floats for the swimming pool. Our range includes floats with handles, some with seats, and even a princess carriage to ride inside.

Cheap Inflatable Loungers

Want to lay back in the summer sun, floating around the swimming pool? Then you’re in the right place to buy a cheap inflatable lounger. Our blow up ride on toys range from the classic to the bizarre (see our more unusual hot dog lounger). As well as being great gifts for kids, floaties are excellent toys to take on holiday, entertaining the whole family for hours on end. So pick up one of our cool pool floaties today!

See below some of our best selling inflatable floaties in this category. These are our sure fire sellers during the summer months. If you’re a retailer looking to sell inflatable floats at the seaside, these are the floaties that are guaranteed to move all day long. Don’t believe us? Then check out this article listing the top 30 best pool floats for the year.

£14.27 exc. VAT
£12.84 exc. VAT
£4.98 exc. VAT

Inflatable Pool Floats

68″ Pug Face Island (1.73m x 1.3m)

£12.84 exc. VAT
£7.12 exc. VAT

Inflatable Pool Floats

Cupcake Pool Mat 56″ x 53″

£9.27 exc. VAT

Inflatable Pool Floats

Flamingo Pool Lounger Inflatable

£14.40 exc. VAT
£9.98 exc. VAT

Inflatable Pool Floats

Ice Cream Mat 88″ x 42″

£11.41 exc. VAT
£8.22 exc. VAT
£6.43 exc. VAT
£13.37 exc. VAT